Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It May Be Larger, But I Don't Care!

Yes, it's true, The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, AR is bigger than Chattanooga's Walnut Street Walking Bridge. Bigger is not always better though. This "Big Dam Bridge" takes some serious shortcuts in trying to be the longest walking bridge in America. For one thing they extend the bridge walkway for several hundred feet before it ever reaches water... bloody cheaters... Anyways, it's a big bridge... check it out:

Regardless of what you might think, this bridge ain't got nothing on my Walnut Street Bridge. It may be third in the list, but at least it doesn't cheat. by adding on extra footage over ground... Plus, there's nothing to do on either side of the Big Dam Bridge... Chattanooga's bridge has downtown on one side and Coolige Park on the other... Anyways... Just to prove my point, here's a picture of the Walnut Street Walking Bridge in Chattanooga... Notice the air of coolness that this image has over the Dam Bridge:

If you need more proof, look back a few entries to my Light Writing shots... That's Chattanooga's Bridge baby! So anyways, I say that all to say that I don't care how big your Dam Bridge is, Arkansas, Chattanooga's will always be better in my heart.