Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Never Know When Someone Might Be Watching

"You're a weird photographer," the text message read. I paused in the hall, looked around, and wondered from which vista I had been spotted as I took my shot.

I guess it's true, I am a bit of a strange photographer. I will lay prone on the floor if it gets me the shot that I want. I take pictures of random things that most people don't find interesting or important. I am known for taking some pretty morbid photos as well. On one particular adventure to Cumberland Island, I was caught taking pictures of a bird that had died on the beach and, for some reason or another, had no eyes. There wasn't any other damage to the bird that I could see. I wasn't about to touch it... but that didn't stop me from getting in close and getting some pretty cool shots.

One of my first set of morbid photos that I can remember was from way back in high school. We had a "Wildlife Management" class where we did everything from learning how to rappel (which we did off of the school's football stadium) to trapping and even taxidermy. That's right, taxidermy... you see where I'm going with this. The stench was awful, but the pics were so cool. Fortunately for you I don't have my favorite picture anywhere near my computer (I was using film) or I would post it on here. Maybe one day I'll dig that up for this blog. That'd be great.

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