Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving on, Moving up

So, I'm finished with my time in Little Rock, AR. Job wise, I'm excited to be moving on to Lexington. Photography-Wise, I'm excited as well. I wasn't that inspired to create, to photograph, to do much of anything while I was in Little Rock. Now I'm moving on though. I'm in a prettier part of the country, I'm in a place that I feel more free to explore, and I intend to do so. I really wish I would have done more with my camera during my time in Little Rock, but I didn't. Enough with regrets though. It's time to look towards the future. 

Recently, it seems as if I only take pics when I'm in Chattanooga. I really don't know why. I guess I just feel more inspired there. But that's really and truly a disservice to both myself and the viewer, because there are greater things than just what I can find in Chattanooga... I still maintain that my bridge is better than Little Rock's though :-D ... On that note, I've been "short-listed" for Schmap's directory of Chattanooga for my night shot of the walking bridge. I hope I get in it! 

Anyways, I also realized, while I get some great shots of flowers, I really do need to liven up my subjects a bit... Waldo the Ant was a great sport by hanging out on a black-eyed susan for me, but still, I need some people in my pics. 

Flowers are fun, but I'm trying to do more photography like Trevor Paglen. If you don't know anything about this guy, click the hotlink embedded in his name. He takes pics of really distant, mostly top secret, objects. Granted, I don't have a 7000mm Lens to use (nor could I afford one), and I can't take pictures up to 20 miles away from my subject, but I can take pics with my 300mm Lens and about 1/2mi away! I do what I can. His images are going to be much more blurred than mine, but still, I would like to continue to do images like this. I want to focus more on the voyeuristic nature of photographs with the anonymity that pictures at these distances allow without all of the chance of being caught photographing something illegal. With that said, here is one of my earliest attempts at it.

As I said, it was an attempt, and it's not meant to replicate him exactly, it's meant to take what he's done and modify it to something that's unique to me. While he's probably been doing this for a while longer than me, I must say that I did something similar a couple of years ago, and unfortunately it was printed in B&W and that print never made it to the scanner, so it's hidden away in the archives somewhere, but my professor liked it a lot, so, until I heard about Paglen's work, I just kinda stumbled around and tried to figure out how to do it. When I saw it, I was like, "Hey! That's what I'm trying to do!" and just went from there... to here... and beyond!

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